Chasing Irish Car Bombs + Movies with a ‘lil Relaxation

I think my age really showed this past Friday on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m getting old. LOL.

Josh came over and our buddy Shelby and Rachel joined us for the shenanigans at Cornish Pasty, where we met up with one of my besties, Brittany and some of her friends. Irish Car bombs are $4, all day every day -so it was a no-brainer we were going to take advantage of that pre-game opt. However, the ‘pre-game’ plan quickly turned into the only game plan. After a handful of Irish Car Bombs, a few black and tans, a Pasty and dessert I was ready to hit the bed. It didn’t help that I woke up at 5am and once work was done I didn’t take a nap – so my evening was short lived.

I’m grateful Josh was such a trooper and didn’t mind me passing out on him.

Saturday, we decided to recover with some Mexican food from Salazar Bros. and bloody marys and beer from our local dive spot, Bogey’s. Post breakfast we went and saw the movie, Logan. If you haven’t seen it, definitely get that on your ‘to-do’ list. It was really good.

Today (Sunday) was about being domestic. Cleaning the house, getting groceries, gassing up the Jeep and preparing for the week. Dodger and I got some cardio in, walking around Kiwanis this morning and ended it back at the house listening to music and letting Mozart roam the backyard. He’s so cautious about walking the backyard but it’s adorable when he just plops down and starts rolling around. Granted he’s getting dirty but he’s such a clean freak of a cat it’s hilarious to see him get ‘crazy’ like that.

Well, tomorrow is a new day, a new week and it’s already past my bedtime. Yes, 9am is generally when I try to pass-out. Sweet dreams internet land!




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