Why Is My USPS Package Traveling All Over The Place, When I Paid For 2 Day Priority Mail

Wednesday, January 3rd, I shipped a pretty important package, my baby announcement via 2 -Day Priority mail, from Phoenix to Lubbock, Texas.

When I dropped my package off to ship, I asked if there was any question or concern of it not getting there on Saturday, January 6th, due to the importance of this package and its timely arrival, and I was assured that wouldn’t be an issue to arrive by Saturday (which would meet the 2-day priority mail).

Well Saturday came and went, and my package was not in Texas. It had traveled to Memphis, Tennessee and then onto Des Moines, Iowa, then to Dallas and then last reported in Fort Worth, Texas. At this point, my package had traveled 2,789 miles. Phoenix to Lubbock is 758 miles tops!

When I went to the post office on Thursday, January 11, they advised this was definitely a mess up however they couldn’t refund me. They also then decided for the first time to advise that there is/was no guarantee with my 2-day priority and it could be up to 3 days. I reiterated to her that it’s now Thursday, Which would make it 8 days. I understand being charged for postage, however – I don’t understand why I’m still being charged for 2 days when that was not met and it was not previously explained that there was no guarantee. Before I committed to mailing it via USPS I asked the guy if I should take it to UPS/FedEx because of my need to get it to Texas by Saturday and was told, “No, we offer a 1,2, and 3 day Priority mail option.”

Long story short, my package finally made it to Lubbock Texas on Saturday, 10 days later in the evening.


Lesson learned: Don’t use USPS for any timely package ever. Stick with the trusted FedEx or UPS.


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