5 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

I can’t tell you how many years I’ve bought into the idea that in order to have a ‘healthy’ relationship there had to be some type of conflict to legitimize it. That having a balance of heartache and happiness equaled a REAL relationship. FALSE. quality time

Now, I’m not a relationship or therapist expert, but having spent a little over a decade in long-term relationships, I’ve recognized what failed, and what thrived and I’m continuously learning what’s required to have a  growing, healthy relationship.

Here are 11 Signs I’ve found thus far that are directing me into a healthy relationship both friendship and intimate.

You don’t need to be around each other or in contact 24/7

Spending quality time together is awesome (and vital), but you don’t need to spend every waking moment together. You need to give each other space to pursue your own activities and pursue your goals. You don’t need to know what he/she is doing at all times because you truly trust one another.

You have honest communication

You feel comfortable speaking freely about anything. Whether it’s an issue that needs to be addressed or the status/future of the relationship. You remove the uncertainty and assumption when there’s open and honest communication.

You’re happy

Nothing is worse than a draining relationship where one or both individuals feel down or negative about themselves after spending time together. Healthy relationships are built on positive reinforcement, encouraging words, and love.

You aren’t struggling to MAKE it work

It shouldn’t feel like a chore or responsibility to be in the relationship. Sure relationships take work, but it shouldn’t feel forced.

“You were brought into that persons’ life because they deserve you and you deserve each other!!!!! That’s how the universe works, when things are meant to be, they’ll be. It may have taken you guys awhile to get to this point because you needed to be shown that it’s meant to be after everything else you’ve both been through.” – Jerri Manley

You Grow Together

There’s a lot to be learned about ourselves and one another when you’re in a relationship. Sharing experiences or building upon something together will frame a great relationship. If you only grow independently, you are likely to grow apart.


I’d love to hear some other signs you believe are reflective of a healthy relationship in the comments below!

– With Ambition


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