My Bucketlist


It always seems impossible until it’s done.

In July 2009 I had set out to accomplish a bucket list of 30 things before  my 30th birthday and well, life happened as did excuses and I put my list on the back-burner. There are soo many things I have always wanted to see, experience, do and feel and now I’m determined more than ever to grow my LIFE bucket-list and take action and mark them off as accomplished.

For now, this is my bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish and I will try and grow this list over time. If you see a ✅ that means I did it. I’d love to hear any other goals/ideas you may have on your bucket-list to help me build mine out!


  1. Lose 75 lbs
  2. Research my family tree
  3. Get Married (and start a family)
  4. Accept myself for who I am
  5. Write letters to my teachers whom all made a significant impact on my life
  6. Hangout on a bands tour bus and watch movies 
  7. Start a crafty side business
  8. Make someone else’s dream come true
  9. Own a gun 
  10. Be a mentor 
  11. Be a vegetarian for a month 
  12. Get my yearbooks back from Kelly (from our high school reunion)


  1. Start a 401k 
  2. Pay off student loans 
  3. Buy a vehicle on my own 
  4. Open up a ROTH IRA
  5. Buy a Harley Davidson
  6. Purchase a home on my own or with a loved one
  7. Buy a home


  1. Earn my Bachelors Degree 
  2. Take Yoga Class 
  3. Go to Motorcycle school
  4. Earn my Masters
  5. Take a firearms course


  1. North America 
  2. South America
  3. Antarctica
  4. Australia
  5. Europe
  6. Africa
  7. Asia


  1. Grand Canyon ✅
  2. Pinetop ✅ 5.30.2016
  3. Prescott ✅ 
  4. Pine/Strawberry/Pine ✅  7.1.16
  5. Jerome ✅ 6.4.16
  6. Sedona Red Rocks ✅ 6.4.16
  7. St. Xavier Cathedral
  8. Havasupai Falls
  9. Antelope Canyon
  10. Tombstone
  11. Lake Havasu London Bridge
  12. Saguaro National Park 
  13. Horseshoe Bend
  14. The Rim 
  15. Goldfield Ghost town 
  16. Hoover Dam 
  17. Montezuma Castle
  18. Hike Natural Bridge  7.4.16


  1. North America
    • Hoover Dam ✅
    • Statue of Liberty ✅
    • Tour Alcatraz
  2. South America
    • See Head Statues on Easter Island (Chile)
    • See Machu Picchu (Peru)
  3. Australia
    • See the Sydney Opera House
  4. Europe
    • The Pathenon (Greece)
    • The Louvre (France)
    • The Eiffel Tour (France)
    • The Colosseum (Italy)
    • Sistine Chapel (Italy)
    • Heidelberg Castle (Germany)
  5. Asia
    • The Great Wall of China (China)
    • Taj Mahal (India)
  6. Africa
    • Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)


  1. North America
  2. South America
    •  Iguazu Falls (Argentina/Brazil)
  3. Europe
    •  Ring of Kerry (Ireland)
  4. Asia
    • Mount Everest
  5. Antarctica
    • Deception Islands Hot Springs


  1. Go Snowboarding
  2. Helicopter Ride ✅
  3. Go White Water river rafting
  4. Hot air balloon ride
  5. Get hypnotized
  6. Go SCUBA diving
  7. Get Legally ordained
  8. Go in a submarine ✅
  9. Try out a chiropractor ✅
  10. Get a professional massage ✅
  11. Ride a camel ✅
  12. Have a song written about me ✅
  13. Go to a TED conference
  14. Go on a major cruise
  15. Go Zip-lining
  16. Go to a rodeo ✅ 7.4.2015
  17. Ride in a Gondola
  18. Build a snowman ✅
  19. Play a round of REAL golf ✅
  20. Swim with dolphins
  21. Stay the night somewhere known to be haunted
  22. Peg the speedometer
  23. Stay in a cabin in the woods ✅ – 5.27.16
  24. Stand in the 4 corners
  25. Attend a Hockey Game 
  26. Ride a horse
  27. Make love on the beach
  28. Have my palm read or my future told
  29. Meet one of my favorite musicians, Travis Barker 
  30. Learn to sew
  31. Karaoke 
  32. Try paddle boarding
  33. Drive a golf card 
  34. See snow fall 
  35. Become a god-mom 
  36. Be a maid of honor
  37. Be a flower girl 


  1. Give a homeless man my lunch 
  2. Volunteer at a children’s hospital
  3. Organize a toy drive ✅ 12.2016
  4. Collaborate with Ronald McDonald House Charities ✅ 6.1.2016
  5. Sponsor a child
  6. Sponsor a family

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