Dad Bought a Laptop from Wal-Mart and Received a Textbook Instead

Imagine how happy my dad was to give my step-mother her birthday gift, which was an HP laptop.  Now imagine how dumbfounded they were when they opened the box to find a text book. That’s what happened to my dad and step-mom, Michael & April Padilla in Lubbock, Texas.

dad bought a laptop and received a textbook
Text Book found inside the HP Laptop box

When my dad went back to Wal-Mart to complain, the store manager didn’t do anything for them. They refused to refund him and help him in anyway.

My dad promptly filed a formal complaint with the BBB, a police report and contacted his local news station for assistance, but currently sitting tight to hear back.

My father is a hard-working man, retired from the Navy who works diligently to provide for his family and it just perturbs me that the Wal-Mart located at South Loop and Quaker in Lubbock is refusing to help or research this issue any further. Simply saying, “We can’t help you” boggles my mind and now my father is out money and no resolution.

I hope this reaches the proper contacts and gains the exposure to those who can make it right for my father so that he can in fact give my step-mother the laptop he purchased.



My dad received a refund and a $100 gift card for the inconvenience. You can read more about it here: Daily News, “Michael Padilla thought he was buying a notebook computer for his wife, April, but ended up with a schoolbook instead”


If there’s a will there’s a way, I made sure to do my due diligence to get my dad’s story noticed.

I wrote my blog to help get the message out about the poor customer service and lack of solution Wal-Mart has failed to provide (already 102 visits to the blog write-up)

Shared my blog post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to help spread the word | | |

Tweeted Wal-Mart on Twitter requesting assistance with this issue

Facebook’d Wal-Mart requesting assistance with this issue (including my friends liking my comment to communicate to WalMart that my comment has been noticed/acknowledged)

Posted my story on |

Pinned on Pinterest  |

Created a tip on their Foursquare listing advising people to have their products checked at checkout to ensure this doesn’t happen to them |

Wrote a review of that location on their Google Map and Yelp listings | |

Submitted the issue to

Reached out to my PR contacts and Received a PR Contact for WalMart here locally – received the following response…” Thank you for your email, Star. I have forwarded  your note to my contact with Walmart and will let you know as soon as I receive feedback on the quickest way to resolve this situation for your father.”

Last but not least I left a negative review on their local Facebook Walmart page as well

Submit story to



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