Made the News with AZPRO

If you happened to catch 12 News at 10pm last night you may have caught the story about “Valley company beautifies medical devices” The story covered how my company, azpro, is taking what would normally be a bland and boring white DOC Band and designing a creative wrap to dress up the band and bring more life to the medical device.

Alayah with her new princess DOC Band

Crazy fact… 1 out of 50 children has the condition that could require them to wear a cranial band and cranial bands cost upwards of $3,500 and usually not covered by most insurance plans. At azpro we offer to wrap the docbands free of charge for these kiddos. I’ve seen quite a few come through the office since I’ve started and nothing beats the priceless smile of the parents and child receiving the wrapped helmet.

Alayah, was our spotlight baby on last nights news and she received a pink wrap with a gold tiara.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and look forward to bringing more smiles to parents and babies.

To take a peek at the full story and video segment you can check it out here on 12 News: Valley company beautifies medical devices

And If you are interested in getting a DOC Band wrap, please email



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