Egg White Omelette Bites

Egg White Omelletes


I made some delish, egg white omelette bites this morning for breakfast this morning. Super simple process and ingredients.

Check it out!

What you will need:

Cupcake Pan

Olive Oil spray (or something to grease  the pan well)


Green Onion

Green bell pepper

Sliced turkey

Egg Whites (the carton is the best/easiest for this)

Tater Tots

Shredded cheese of your choice


Basically, I greased the pan threw in 3 tater tots in each cupcake space baked it in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. I then pulled out the pan smooshed the tater tots to the bottom of each cupcake space, sprinkled in bell pepper, sliced turkey, green onion and poured the egg whites from the carton almost to the top of each cupcake space and sprinkle your cheese at the top.

Let that cook for 20-25minutes at 350 degrees and voila! You have yourself some delicious egg white omelette bites! These are great to prep and have to grab and go for busy morning work weeks. You could really put any ingredients you’d like, and I have a number of different combinations if you’re looking for some other creative twists on this recipe.

Hope you enjoy! And be sure to share your recipe combinations in the comments!


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