Gilbert’s Farmer’s Market

When life gives you a break, head to your local farmer’s market. I woke up at 6am this morning, knocked out my morning workout and refused to go home and be a bum.

This morning I thought it’d be a nice to swing by my mom’s to grab some coffee at Cartel, and head to Gilbert’s Farmer’s Market.

Gilbert's Farmer's Market

Not only do farmer’s markets have the best produces, it helps out the local farmers. The food at the farmer’s market is always healthier, in season, and fresher.

Gilbert's Farmer's Market - Produce

The fruits and vegetables were endless.

Gilbert's Farmer's Market - lettuce

I picked up some fresh Mizuna, Mesclun, Oak Leaf Lettuce, and Watercress.

Gilbert's Farmer's Market - hummus

It’s awesome to read all about the vendors and how they got started. The vendors are so friendly and open to have you try their products. The market is the best way to avoid GMOS. If you like the organic, gmo free, farm raised meats, you can possibly form a relationship with a farmer and have them supply you with your preferred meats occasionally.

Gilbert's Farmer's Market - Gilbert, Arizona

If you’re ever in the Gilbert area, make sure you make a trip to the Gilbert’s Farmer’s market! It has so much to offer, you’ll save tons of money, and it’s fun. A great place to bring the family (and the pup)!


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