Do You Know What Archetypes You Fall Under?

Archetype Results for Star Padilla

What is an archetype you ask? The term archetype has it’s origins in ancient Greek. The root words Archein, which mean, “original or old”: and typos which means pattern or type. Wikipedia explains it as this: A statement, pattern of behavior, or prototype which other statements, patterns of behavior, and objects copy or emulate.

After taking the Archetypes quiz, It was no surprise that my highest archetype was the caregiver, followed by creative and intellectual. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a tendency to care a lot for individuals who are a part of my life. I have an instinct to just genuinely take care/or care for anyone who earns my trust. Following caregiver, was creative. I grew up performing in plays, singing my heart out in the shower, and you could never keep my mouth shut as I was always telling a story. My third archetype was intellectual. I’m a thinker, I want to learn and to put simply I was that kid who followed every conversation with, “Why?” I needed a reason and understanding.

I encouraged my team at work to take the quiz, as it would give us all a better understanding of, “who we are” and a deeper dive into understanding one another.  It was awesome reading each of their results.

Once you know your archetypes you can begin living your story instead of someone else’s. Please share your results with me in a comment, I’d love to learn what archetypes you fall under!

Take the QUIZ!


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