Pneumonia, It kicks your ass

Who got their tush kicked by pneumonia? This girl. To put it simply it sucked. I thought it was originally allergies and after ignoring it for almost a week and a half I caved and went to see the doctor. He wrote me out my prescriptions and sent me off to get rest and medicate as he diagnosed my symptoms with pneumonia and bronchitis. Awesome right? NOT.

Needless to say, the pneumonia set me back – a little under a month back. I was extremely weak and I’ve still been on/off dealing with this stupid cough that just won’t go away. I’ve decided to get back on the ball this week and trying and kick my ass in to high gear again. I know my strength is going to take a bit to work back up and my endurance as well – but I’m staying positive it will happen sooner than later.

Have you had any setbacks you’re dealing with? Injuries? Sickness?

How are you dealing or working through them?


Fitness Motivation


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