I Love Amy’s Organic Black Bean and Vegetable Soup


Two words: super filling. Chris isn’t feeling too well today so I ran over too Target to grab him some chicken noodle soup and decided to jump on the soup bandwagon myself. I noticed a bunch of their Amy’s Organic soups were on sale so I grab a few of the black bean and vegetable and lentil soups. This evening I decided to warm up the black bean and vegetable and add a little sour cream and shredded cheese on top and voila! Delicious and super filling. I probably would have been content with half of the 14oz can but I ate it all. Ssshhh lol. I’ve never had lentils before so I’m looking forward to trying that one out this week.
I’m actually going to try and replace at least one meal a day with a low sodium soup and see how that helps overall.

What Amy’s Organic soups have you tried that you love?