The Power of Volunteering

Puppies for Adoption

First off… I can’t believe how bad I’ve been about updating my blog. Work and life has been crazy but all very positive things overall.

I actually had the opportunity through work to do some volunteering with a dog rescue, Caring for Canines and had an absolutely awesome experience. First and foremost, Sarah Duncan, the owner of this rescue is an absolute saint. When a group of my team members and I got to her place we found out that she had literally just picked up 11 puppies that were placed on the euthanasia list. She takes them in, has them micro-chipped, get’s them spayed/neutered and get’s them their shots and posts on her Facebook page and on the website to try and find them a home.Star & Vera

We volunteered on a Friday and that consisted of playing with the puppies and dogs, bathing each of them and helping with some adoption packets for to be new owners. That following Tuesday, I received an email from Sarah advising that each and every dog had been adopted and she praised us for the bathing we were able to help with and prep for getting them adopted.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of that visit and I’m really looking forward to my next visit this month to help volunteer again. It was an amazing experience. I can honestly say that the experience of volunteering left me happier, and full-filled. I would strongly suggest if you haven’t ever had the opportunity to volunteer to reach out to your local rescue, soup kitchen, etc and do so!


If you have volunteered, where was it and how was the experience?





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