Krissy of RAF Kicked My Butt

Morning Workout Session

This past weekend, I met Krissy Mae Cagney of RAF. I’ve been following her awhile via Instagram and her story of overcoming an eating disorder and turning a weakness into a strength and the overall story she’s shared really inspired me, so when I found out she was coming to AZ and I had an opt to do a workout sesh and Q&A seminar I was on- board. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I have to say I definitely had my ass handed to me.

We met up at 830am at Granada Park in Phoenix for the workout session and from there we paired up with another individual to execute the workout.

Below is an outline of what our work out was:

100 plank high fives

100 KB swings (mountain climbers)

100 crossover pushups

100 ball slams (split jumps)

100 back to back squats

100 box jumps (bicycle abs)

*run a 400 meter lap after each completed station
Krissy Mae Cagney & Star Padilla

Now to give you an even better idea of how this work-out worked- basically as a team you had to complete 100 of each station. Doesn’t matter if someone wanted to pick up the slack for you but you had to finish 100. The stations that have an activity in parenthesis were done by the partner while the other individual was working on that initial 100. Not going to lie, as soon as we started on the 3 activity I was dragging ass. I was soo winded it was unbelievable. I do cardio, but this high metabolic workout wasn’t nothing close to what I’m use to.

If you haven’t heard of Krissy or checked her out and have a passion for fitness, I’d strongly suggest you take a moment and look her up. Tell her I sent ya 🙂 She’s a rad chick. Down-to-earth and awesome all around. I recently got a Polar Watch, which kept track of my heart rate and calories burned and I burned well over a thousand in that workout and kept my heart rate up pretty damn high. After the workout we headed to the Arizona Biltmore in the ‘Mystery Room’ for the Q&A seminar. I got some great insight and information to take with and I’m pretty stoked she’s working on a macro plan created just for me to help me get out of this plateau rut I’ve been in.


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