FDA : Ironing Out Regulation to Force Restaurant Chains to Post Calorie Counts

FDA Calorie Regulation
Ed Ou/AP Photo

So the word is that the FDA is ironing out a regulation which forces all restaurant chains with more than 20 locations to post calorie counts… Though some people may not even think twice about ordering that quarter pound burger of lard from McDonald’s, I’m hoping that others will open their eyes to why this damn nation is so obese.

Once you see a literal calorie count number in which you are shoving into your mouth, it should put things in better perspective. While some food establishments provide calorie info via websites or brochures, having them posted next to the menu items I believe may give customers a better opportunity to make more informed choices.

Just 100 extra calories a day adds up to 10 pounds a year. These extra pounds in turn lead to obesity and in some cases diabetes.

Are you pro-calorie posting? Or do you not care either way?



2 thoughts on “FDA : Ironing Out Regulation to Force Restaurant Chains to Post Calorie Counts

  1. I think it is a good idea to put calories next to the item. Most places have calories posted either on their website or on their menu these days. A lot of places even have it broke down like a label at the supermarket which is great if you are doing weight watchers or some other way of counting stuff that goes into your body. I also usually look to see if there is any trans fat. That stuff is suppose to be incredibly bad for people. No telling how much every one had before that came out!

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