Getting Healthy Just Got A Little Easier With Google

We’re all looking for tools, apps, etc to make our lives of organizing and tracking our health  a tad easier, and what better than the BIGGEST search engine to help us do just that! Google has added a few new useful tools to help support a healthier journey, and I’ve listed a few things for you to check out!

Image Source: Google

How Many Calories Are In Egg Whites?

You can now find nutrition information for over 1,000 foods in search – You can utilize voice search on desktop, iPhone, or Droid to ask “How many calories are in egg whites” and you can follow-up and ask, “how about bread?” without needing to repeat parts of your question. Of course with any voice search, sometimes it can be a pain to have technology interpret what you say, so simply type in your question and voila you have your nutrition facts at your fingertips!

Positive Reinforcement via a Fit Community

Gotta friend who wants to get fit with you? Why not start or join a Google+ Community and connect with others who share your fitness and nutrition goals. I just started a community today, since hearing about this awesome health direction Google is going I started, Try & Triumph (shameless plug). Feel free to join my friends, family and other health conscious community members in motivating, and creating a hub for more fitness info and insight.

Tracking Your Progress- no matter what device you’re on

If you’re a calorie counter, Apps like Diet Diary can be accessed through Chrome or your mobile app- or if spreadsheets are your thing I suppose you can just pull a Google Doc up to organize all your fitness progress as well!

Have an awesome apps, chrome extensions, YouTube channels etc to share ? I’d love to hear about them!

Comment below and let me know or feel free to stop by my new Try & Triumph community on Google+.

Stay Happy & Stay Healthy!


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