Be Aware: Deceiving “Healthy” Foods

Orange Juice

Slowly but surely I’m learning more and more about nutrition and what I would have previously believed to have been healthy food, isn’t soo much the case. Of course, when it comes to food, you can argue that everything is essentially bad for you, and to consider moderation with all things.

Below I’ve listed some foods that you should quite possibly reconsider not adding to your “healthy” list and why:

1. SOY | It mimics the estrogen hormone

2. MOST JUICES |  most have added sugars and more times than none not the 100% juice (but from concentrate)

3. WHOLE GRAIN | A number of people have hidden gluten allergies- my friend Tatiana found this out not too long ago.

4. PACKAGED DEHYDRATED FRUITS | most contain added sugars

5. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS | these contribute to inflammation

6. ALL ORANGE JUICE | another contributor to increased inflammation

7. GRANOLA | most have little fiber and added sugar

There are many more that could be added to the list but hopefully this gives you a better perspective with reasoning why some of your ‘healthy’ snacks or go to alternatives may be in fact misleading you.

Take the time to really tear those ingredients and nutrition facts down to the bare basics.


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