Get Fit With A Pit

Get Fit With a Pit

At my Rock ‘n Glow 5k run this weekend in Phoenix, they had a few vendors, one of which I absolutely fell in love with. Lost Paws, “an organization that hopes to end the unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals due to overpopulation. They provide spay and neuter services to communities in need and believe that every rescue is a life worth saving- no animal is a Lost Cause.” They had two beautiful pits at the event, Ms. January (featured pup in the calendar) and another that was up for adoption. I seriously wanted to take the one that was up for adoption, so bad but I just don’t have the necessary space right now to accommodate  a pit bull. So- for $1 you can receive a kiss from a pit bull, you bet my mom handed over a total of $7 and loaded up on kisses hahah, it was adorable.

They were selling some merch at the event, and while all their gear were awesome, I fell for this one, grey american apparel t- that read “Get Fit With A Pit“. How perfect of a shirt to rock at the gym, while also spreading awareness of an awesome cause?! My mom and I both got a shirt and calendar, which I have to add is damn adorable! If you’re a lover of Pit Bulls or even just to get better informed, I strongly suggest you check out this awesome organization, Lost Paws. “No Animal, is a Lost Cause” 

Lost Paws Pitt Bulls


4 thoughts on “Get Fit With A Pit

    1. Right?! I seriously want a pup, pit bull more specifically. There was this one named Daisy, she was a rescue aka Ms. January in the calendar who was absolutely adorable. She had a lil scarring on her back from previously owners but she was such a lover/kisser.

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