Be Grateful For Your Natural Beauty

you are beautiful

I know I get caught up in the passion of fitness and wanting to better myself overall- I’ve always personally had a complex with my weight and not being that ‘desirable‘ size. It took me awhile to understand that my health and body improvements should be for me and no one else. I get it now. A friend on Facebook posted this Dove Sketch video, that touched me. Call me an emotional sap if you will, I am there’s no denying it.

In the video, there are a few women who each take a turn to sit behind a curtain and describe themselves to Gil Zamora, an FBI Forensic Artist. After they are done they leave the room and are replaced with someone who met them and has a turn to describe their features to the sketch artist which in turn he creates another sketch.

I felt an instant connection and could totally relate to how some of these woman were describing themselves. To see the comparison between the two drawings kinda got me a bit emotional. Sometimes when I hit a plateau I get down on myself and a bit negative about my image but I’m grateful for having a wonderful boyfriend and friends, who are supportive and constantly give me positive reinforcement. One woman in the video said something that will stick with me… “I should be more grateful for my natural beauty. It impacts the choices and the friends that we make, the jobs that we apply for how we treat our children. It impacts everything- It couldn’t be more critical to your happiness”. I couldn’t agree more.


2 thoughts on “Be Grateful For Your Natural Beauty

  1. That video is such an amazing inspiration! I cried to when i first watched it. When the women finally see the pictures that were described by another compared to the ones they described its such an unveiling. We as women think so down on ourselves! I am so glad you posted this love bug!

    1. 🙂 thank you for sharing! And I agree.. we are soo critical of our looks and being appeasing and pleasing to the EVERYONES eye… that we lose ourselves. This was a nice reminder that there’s beauty inside and out in everyone that we may be overlooking or not giving credit for.

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