Ain’t Nobody Got Time To Take a Break

Training at Gold's Gym

One of my best friends and co-workers, Tatiana, came to visit me for a week . Chris (the boyfriend) and I decided to have Tatiana jump on board with us with the gym regimen.

Just because you’re on ‘vacation’ doesn’t mean you break from health and fitness. I planned on kicking Tatiana’s butt while she was here in town and I think I succeeded. 🙂

I was able to show her a bit of weight training tips and pointers on form as well as take her to my nutrition shop to get some vitals like, Protein, BCAAS, Pre-Work out etc.

Hope she is able to go back to her Podunk town Larmie, Wyoming and continue to utilize the workouts and build them out a bit more to fit her routine.

Above is a little collage of pics of Tatiana, Chris and I rocking out leg day!


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