Wednesday Wrap Up

wednesday wrap-up I’m soo exhausted. Woke up this morning and knocked out a 45min, cardio workout at 430am. Kicked the  intensity up to the highest level of 15 then at a steady brisk speed of 3.0 on the treadmill rocked it out. I found myself puking up my water afterward, probably due to a fully empty stomach and me pushing myself pretty damn hard, but it felt good non the less. Went back to Gold’s Gym this afternoon with the boyfriend and our friend Ryan for weights, back and abs. Pushed pretty hard again. Chris and I went and grabbed an awesome Meditteranean Salad from Pita Jungle (in which I have LOTS of leftovers, for lunch tomorrow). I’m soo tired and I’m about to crash here any moment and I’m on the couch. Mozart, my cat is hanging out with me. I don’t think I can pull myself up to get to my bed, these eyelids are too damn heavy.   Good Night my fitness enthusiasts and gym rats xox


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