Dropped A Pant Size

Forgot to update the other day but on February 28th, I tried on a pair of pants that were one size smaller and they fit! Pretty exciting. Though I may not see the scale jump big numbers I can feel the difference and the pant size can’t lie. I’m going to try and remember to do a weigh in today, I’m a lil overdo. January 1st-February 1st I was down 11 lbs and now officially down a full pant size.

dropped 1 size



4 thoughts on “Dropped A Pant Size

  1. It feels awesome, doesn’t it? I’ve recently watched a Sex in the City episode, where Miranda manages to fit into her skinny jeans and thought I’ll give one of my old jeans a try, too. They went from being super tight to being a little big, which made my day 🙂

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