My Grandma “Red” Just Passed Away


You see, this week she was placed in hospice as she’s been enduring quite a bit of pain and aside from dealing with diabetes she’s been dealing with Cancer as well and it’s been hitting her pretty aggressively the last month. It was said that she would be out by the weekend to go home, then a doctor saw her and said she didn’t have but 3 weeks and then yesterday we were told she only had a couple days.

My mother had to change her Thanksgiving plane tickets for her and my sister to the one that was leaving in ‘2 hours’ this morning. My Aunt and Uncle in Cali booked their flight for tomorrow morning and one of my Uncles was so kind to purchase me a ticket leaving tomorrow to get there in the afternoon so that we could be with her.

Well as of 3:46pm today my Aunt Shannon called me giving me the news that I was hoping she would not be calling to tell me, my grandmother had passed away. It finally hit me pretty hard, I’m good until I see or hear emotion/crying, then I instantly crumble. At this moment my mom is still in the air, and hasn’t a clue and wish I could take away the pain she’s going to be feeling when she lands and my uncle gives her the news.

I’m feeling a bit selfish right now, and I wish I could just see her and be with her and exchange some words with her. I miss her soo much already, and I love her dearly. She was a huge part of my life  and upbringing. My Grandma Ellen Bellerose was one of the strongest woman I know. A mother of 5, very stubborn and independent. She would do anything and everything she could to help or take care of someone.

My grandma and I always said that one day we would ride mules down the Grand Canyon and even visit Ireland, as my grandmother is Irish – and I’m sad to say that I won’t be able to see or participate in either of those with her.

I know she is in a better place and no longer hurting. I’m not real religious but the part of me that believes is due to her. She was so active up until her passing with any church she attended. I hope that she has found peace and is happy in Heaven with  my Grandpa Bill Bellerose.

I love you soo much Grandma, and I’m soo sorry I wasn’t able to make it to you in time. You are and will always be a strong woman in my eyes. You fought a hard fight and I commend you for holding on as long as you did and never giving up.

love you, forever and always xo




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