You Must First Learn to Love Yourself

Before going to bed last night I saw 3 posts that caught my eye, that were literally one right after another. The theme to all 3 was to basically love and take care of YOU.

Love yourself and create your own happiness, and not be dependent on someone to do that for you. On any other day these posts would have still caught my eye, I would have liked it and moved on.

But the fact that all 3 were from friends who aren’t at all connected and of different sexes and literally one right after the other – I took this as a message to sleep on. So maybe it’s something you may want to think about today?

Are you happy? Do you love yourself? Not in a vain way but are you happy with you and where you are going in life and what you’re doing? Are you creating happiness for yourself or seeking others to fill that void?

I guess you can call this a lil self reflection for today.


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