Extending My Life, One Day at a Time

Yay for positive thinking and healthy eating

Here’s an itemized list of how to extend your life by 10 GOOD years

1) Become a “Yes!” woman. Change your mindset and live longer.

2) Lose a healthy amount of weight. Living a healthy life extends both the quality and length of your life.

3) Don’t over-sleep | Too much or too lil sleep can be bad. People who sleep more than eight hours a night don’t live as long as people who sleep between 7-8 hours a night.

4) Don’t worry, Be Happy. Find a way to stop worrying.

5) Don’t Hibernate | studies shown those who live with other people or roomies even live longer

6) Be an Animal Lover | animal lovers are more likely to survive accidents or heart-attacks

7) Get Bed Action | people who get action 4 or more times a week, live longer than those who don’t- so get busy!

8) Make Money | the more money you have the more resources you can access to live a healthier life

9) Love and Be Loved | people in loving relationships live longer

10) Laugh | laughter truly is the best medicine

Do you have the list down to a “T”? Or do you have some more to actively check off?

I’d love to know how many you’re dominating?

-With Ambition- Star Padilla


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