Taking each day as it comes…and remembering I’m worth it

Every once in awhile I have to remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing and the motivation behind the goals and projects I’m working on.  My biggest fear aside from growing old alone is disappointing my parents, family or friends. I always want to make sure my friends and family are taken care of, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but on so many occasions they’ve reminded me that I need to worry about ME. I forget about what makes ME happy and what I need to do for myself because I get soo caught up in making sure everyone around me is good, when it’s not quite reciprocated at times.

I’ve endured quite a bit of emotional strain in the last couple months, which is my reasoning for drawing back from blogging. I’m hoping that now with things and situations coming to light, I will be able to put myself first and understand that I can make myself a priority now.

I’m still sticking to working out regularly 4-5 days a week, incorporating weights and cardio- watching what I eat and keeping the staple of the Paleo Diet, while incorporating some positive grains, like whole wheat pasta. I’m sticking to my water, coffee, and tea and allowing myself to eat out here and there, so I don’t go stir crazy.

I’ve worked so damn hard and been through quite a bit before the age of 30 and I think I can finally say I’m worth it. I’m worth treating myself to nice things and being selfish from time to time. I haven’t been able nor have I ever really done that. Looking forward to changes coming into effect, as well as the people I’ve allowed to be an active part in my life impact and mold this amazing life of mine.

Can’t wait to share more insight into my healthy living, motivational moments and memories I create along each day…thank you for reading and participating in a lil piece of my life!


With Ambition ~ Star Padilla


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