Doing Paleo with a little Remix

So I’ve been Paleo for just about a month and to be quite honest I’m not too happy with the results, thus far. I love the eating clean part but, I’m feeling a bit lethargic cause I don’t believe I’m getting enough food overall to burn and I’ve just been on a steady plateau now. Last year, I wasn’t mindful of what I was eating but not nearly as strict about cutting out certain foods all together and I was DROPPING pounds. After cutting out so many things, and keeping it strictly meat, veggies and fruit It’s not showing results.

I’m definitely going to keep lean meats, veggies and fruits as the staple to my eating habits but I’m going to incorporate a slow burning carb like oatmeal or cottage cheese before my work outs or something along those lines. I need to produce enough Glucosmine to burn fat and I’m just not doing it. I’m working out heavy and hard and been doubling up on days as well.

For my A.M. hour workout I go to the gym and generally do 15-30minutes of cardio and the rest in circuit weight training to equal an hour. Then if I go back for a P.M. workout, I’m either doing 30-40 minutes of elliptical now and then the rest on another piece of cardio equipment to equal an hour or I take a class (Zumba, Power Pump, Cycling, etc). We will see how the lil changes hopefully help in the coming weeks.



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