Tonight it Happened, Endorphin High Kicked in

I couldn’t be more excited – The best Endorphin High kicked in tonight, and I got my gym mojo back! I remember when I got this feeling last time and I was on some an awesome streak, then holidays came and I totally dropped the ball, and slacked off. But it’s BACK, and I’m not screwing it up this time. I feel good, refreshed and even put in a solid 30 additional min at the gym just because I had so much energy to get out. I swear up and down I could have kept going but, my luck it could have just been the endorphin high and I would have passed out lol.

Check out my new Ryka Running Shoes!

After my workout I decided it was time to vest into a solid pair of shoes- I’ve had these New Balance ones for awhile but apparently they look like ‘dad shoes’. I stopped by Ross, Famous Footwear, Sport Chalet, RoadRunner, Champs, and two other stores… then I came to Lady Footlocker. I found a pair of Ryka Shoe’s marked at $70 – a lil more than what I wanted to pay, purely because I’m not a ‘runner’, I’m a gym rat, I wouldn’t be putting real running shoes to their full capacity/use. Well when the shoes rang up at $40, I knew 1) it was meant to be 2) this was my day! Super excited to use them tomorrow- just need to find some obnoxiously loud shoe laces to go with my solid black shoes now and we’re golden!

Notice the 'old dad' shoes
"Conquer YOUR Goals"

Today’s Menu :

Breakfast: fruit plate (mango, pear, apple)/Coffee

Lunch: 1 white chicken breast lightly seasoned

Snack: sunflower seeds/cranberries

Dinner: Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken and cilantro

*water throughout the day-


15 min Elliptical
45 min double circuit weight training
15 min on this gazelle like machine (cardio)


As cheesy as it may sound, I can’t express enough how excited I am to get that indescribable feeling back- about the gym.

It’s ignited my motivation and fire inside again- Cheers! Till tomorrow –

– With Ambition


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