Day 4 of Paleo | Cravings Started to Kick In

Lunch: Mixed Green Salad w/ sunflower seeds and apricots with balsamic vinegar

It wasn’t till this evening when my boyfriend started to cook dinner and the cravings started to kick in. He’s not on the Paleo bandwagon with me (yet) . He was cooking us chicken but for his side he was making pasta with broccoli and alfredo sauce…really!? The smell kicked in and made my salad look very less desirable, but I bit the bullet and enjoyed my Spinach stuff chicken and mixed green salad. Hoping this lil craving ordeal will move along and not taunt me.

Food for the day |

Breakfast | banana and iced black coffee

Snack | 1 packet of tuna w a miniature English cucumber
Lunch | mixed green salad with apricots and balsamic vinegar
Dinner | spinach stuffed chicken w/ a salad with sunflower seeds, apricots and balsamic vinegar


6 thoughts on “Day 4 of Paleo | Cravings Started to Kick In

  1. Gah, It’s so tough when there’s good smelling non-paleo food around! Like really, do doughnuts need to be brought into the office everyday? haha hang in there 🙂

    It doesn’t seem like you’re eating very much protein and healthy fats, have you been feeling full? I seem to need more of both to feel satisfied.

    1. lol Girl- It was a tease today I swear. I know I should/need to bump up my protein but when I eat, I’ve eaten till I was full. I haven’t hit any ‘starving’ moments yet… need to look into more healthy fats as well.

      1. haha I need to carry a nose plug around 😉

        Good you’re not starving! Coconut is my favorite source for healthy fats- anything cooked in coconut oil is ahhmazing, as is coconut butter. Avocados are delish on top of most meats as well.

        You’re doing awesome, keep kickin booty!

      2. Just picked up coconut and avocado’s today! So I will definitely put those to good use tomorrow . Thank you! Your food seriously is helping me with what I can make this upcoming week- much appreciated!

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