Make Yourself Happy… Now


An itemized list on how to make yourself happy right now… 

1) Smile : Charles Darwin was the first to suggest it and now Cardiff University in Wales has proven it! – everything feels a lil better when you’re smiling. Just performing the action will change your outlook!

2) Call Your Dad : Or your mom, or that cousin that’s like a sister to you. Just take a minute to touch base and say “hello!”

3) Write a letter to a new friend: Maybe someone has came into your life at the most perfect moment, when you needed someone. Why not shoot them a sincere letter (not text) to show them how much you appreciate them.

4) Listen to your Fave Song: It’s amazing how one song can turn your day from bad to good. Take 5 minutes to listen to that song via your MP3, YouTube, etc.

5) Stretch : A few stretches will release toxins and get your blood flowing. Follow up your stretches with a glass of water, to flush everything out.

6) Eat a  Burrito: foods high in vitamin B12, like beans will give you a mental boost and make you feel good!

7) Read a Poem Out Loud : read the words and decide what they mean to you, even if you don’t have a clue what they meant to the author. 

8) Sit in the Sun: Even if you are only able to get it via the window, let the Vitamin D do it’s magical work.

9) Hug Someone: Studies have show that without human touch, we wither and die. Find the closest person, that wouldn’t be weird-ed out and give them a hug.

10) Listen to Someone say “I love you” : Calls someone that loves you and listen to them say it – it will bring you right to #1 on this list 🙂


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