Starting somewhere : My fave apps to keep me organized

So I’ve been a tad busy and that’s no excuse but I’m getting back on the ball about getting organized. I’m all about FREE and Keeping organized so here are a few tools I’m utilizing to help me get and keep on that path- I hope you all enjoy and find these tools just as useful!


One of the best (free) ways to manage your money. You can gather all your financial accounts together online or on your mobile device, automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets and helps you achieve your savings goals. You actually see by category where you spend your money the most, whether it be the bar, fast food, gas, clothing, etc.


No more clutter with the paper bills. You can bring all your financial accounts, household bills, loyalty programs, and even subscriptions to one secure hosted spot (for free) and make payments, get automatic reminders, balances, etc. It’s seriously amazing and convenient.

One Receipt :

You keep the purchase you lose the receipt. Plain and simple. No more collecting a ridiculous amount of paper or freaking out because you can’t figure out or place where THAT ONE receipt went. You also get the ability to take a picture of a receipt while you are out and email it to a designated address via your One Receipt account, and bam! You have a designated email to give merchants and keep your receipts organized!


I love this phone app! It keeps me organized with my to do task and with missed calls as well. Any.DO also allows you to invite/share tasks with others as well. It’s super simple and very clean looking. A must download!

Seriously one of the coolest contacts app’s out there. Using all your emails and social networks, Smartr creates your automatic address book. In this app you can see details (email/contact number, etc), social connections, history of emails you’ve had with the individual and friends in common.
Toggl is an online time tracking tool. It features 1-click time tracking and helps you see where your time goes. It’s be super helpful in tracking my work done on my social media clients, as we all know you can just get engulfed when it comes to networking.
You’re able to capture ideas, notes on a napkin, things you like, hear etc and store it all in one safe spot! I personally love it for having my license and registration. I can pull out my phone with the images right there. It works on almost any desktop and mobile device!
Skitch works in conjunction with Evernote – say you took a pic of something or a napkin note of some kind and need to get your point across in fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches….well here’s your tool!
Need to share a bunch of high res photos with family or even a client, this tool is super easy to use and allows you to send large files that are available for up to 2 weeks. If you want to get all fancy, you can get your own personalized channel aka short link to share when sending the link(s) out otherwise it’s free!

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