Dear Reflection in the Mirror,

Well here’s to my last letter, for this month at least. Sorry for the bit of a delay but you could say life’s been a tad rough the last couple weeks.  I hope that each letter reaches it’s respective addressees at some point or another and they get to read them. Some entries are shorter than others, while some are very lengthy. Mostly, my emotions spilled over. All of them made me reflect as to what I really am — my dreams, aspirations, etc.

So Dear Star-

When I started this letter project, I didn’t know what was to come with the writings. Some of the letters were a bit hard to write; evoking tears, and feelings I had been suppressing for a bit. Some made me reminisce and laugh about past memories.

This letter is to that reflection in the mirror. Before I use to look at you and start nit-picking at the things I hated. My stomach, my child-bearing hips, my big butt, my thick thighs, my full face, etc – but in the last couple months I can say I’m happy at what I see reflecting back at me. Though I would still consider this body a work in progress, I’m happy the progress I have made thus far. I can’t believe that almost a year and a half ago I was 65 lbs heavier than I am now. My goal is to lose 45-60 lbs this year. I’m going to work diligently as I want to maintain that weight. Thankfully I have a supportive man in my life, who is willing to jump on that bandwagon with me, and eat healthy and work out with me.

Aside from the physical reflection-I would say I see someone unique, special, sensitive and complicated. You are indecisive, and are always cautious of making the right decision or not. I know you have doubts at times about your worth or capabilities, but you need to forget about those all together. You have family, friends and acquaintances who distill on a daily that you are so much more than you give yourself credit for. ACCEPT THE COMPLIMENTS and quit discounting them.

You’re starting to finally learn what it is to love yourself and never let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. You are worth and deserve every bit of happiness that crosses you.

You’ve got a lot more living to do -and self discovery, so enjoy the rollercoaster of life chick and just be true to who are !

xo –

“Tears don’t mean your losing, everybody’s bruising, just be true to who you are.” 



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