R.I.P. my dear friend Dan Everlove

This weekend I lost a friend, a family member to say the least, Dan Everlove. Saturday night, while supporting a bike pub crawl event for charity, RideRock-n-Rescue , on his way home he was struck on his bike while crossing Alma School and Guadalupe. In a matter of moments he was taken from us, and though I’ve had my share fair of mourning and tears fallen for him, I want to celebrate his life. He was absolutely one of the most amazing people I know. Gave unconditionally, had the best sense of humor and would do anything for his family, friends and those alike. On Saturday, January 21st 2012, Heaven received an amazing addition, an angel that we all will miss. You are in a better place my dear, and hope you and Ray “Hairy Darrin” Pierson save us all a spot up there. Love you dearly- you will never be forgotten. ❤

I was looking at Darrin’s page and noticed this comment by Dan and had to share ❤

Dan Everlove | I miss you my man. Thank you for watching over all of us that love you. Instead of tragedy this year you’ve helped bring love. In stead of funerals there have marriages, instead of heartache there has been happiness. Instead of deaths there has been births. Instead of living in the moment there has been living for tomorrow. I truly believe you’ve had a hand in this some way and for that I thank you. Love and miss you dearly Ray. May your soul rest easy knowing big of an impact both your life and death have had on us! Love you brother. Until we meet again.
For those of you who are family and friends here is the info on Dan Everlove’s Service via Ricky and his sister
“Service for Dan is on Friday at 5pm at the Hilton on Alma School and US-60

Party for Dan on Saturday, January 28 at Noon at his Mom’s house at 21818 S. 158th St, Gilbert, AZ 85298. All are invited and we sincerely hope that you all come out to celebrate the wonderful man that Dan is. The party will start at noon and last until whenever. If you will be drinking at the party, you WILL NEED A DD. Dan would have wanted it that way. 🙂

Bar Olympics will be at Dos Gringos Chandler on SUNDAY, January 29 from noon to 6pm. Dan loved Bar Olympics, and his team will be competing Sunday and request that friends attend in his honor.

Dan’s softball team got into the playoffs this year for the first time in 10 years. The first playoff game will be WEDNESDAY, February 1 at 6:30pm at Riverview in Mesa


5 thoughts on “R.I.P. my dear friend Dan Everlove

  1. Thanks for being the dude you were and the joy that you brought to the lives of so many I will never forget you! The time We spent together was unforgetible. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN MY FRIEND! SEE YOU THERE! John Huskinson

  2. my brother was the most amazing person in the whole world to everyone who got to know him or whoever new him for ever is a lucky soul cuz dan will always be there for you i luv u brother u r my rock and protector if not in body but spirit

  3. i don’t know how often anyone goes back to any of the websites of my brother dan i tend to go to them alot and i miss him and appreciate all the wonderful comments from his friends and team loco family still miss him everday

    1. I do visit his FB quite often. He was one of the first guys to really embrace me as part of the TL family and he was always a big brother figure to me. I miss him a lot too. ❤

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