Dear Grandma,

This letter is to someone who has changed my life….and that would be you Grandma Rose. It’s still hard for me to believe you’re gone. You are one of the most patient women I know. I commend you for raising 5 Children (my uncles/aunts and dad). I commend you for taking care of Lucenda, the pregnant woman from Mexico, who’s son turned into a childhood friend. I commend you for putting up with soo many grandchildren in your home running around and making a ruckus.

I miss hearing you call me ‘sugar’ and walking through your house to hear the wood floor and stairs creak. I miss walking into your vanity room watching you take your curlers out and get ready for the day. I’ll especially miss us all sitting at the table for 20+ (gotta love Hispanic families) and enjoying home made Mexican food. I will never be able to nail your recipes, but I will gladly make the attempts!

Grandma you were an absolutely beautiful woman, with flawless skin and I can only hope that I age as well as you did.

Because I did not make it to your funeral, I didn’t want to remember you that way, I’m sorry and hope you understand; I asked dad if he could get me some of your ashes. At first he wasn’t sure why I was asking but granted my wish. My goal is to take some of the fine ashes and have them placed in the black ink to have tattooed in me, to always have you apart/with me. I hope I’m making you proud of the woman I’m growing up to be, as I have you to thank for contributing to that.

I still don’t believe it was your time to go. You are an incredible woman and one that is always in my heart. I will never forget you, your voice, your kisses, your laugh or anything about you because I cherish those moments with everything I have. I hope to one day see you again. I  love you grandma, and miss you every single day.


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