Dear No one in particular from my childhood,

Growing up consisted of lots of moving around. Both of my parents were in the military (Navy), so once we moved from Hawaii to California, I can’t tell you how many different places we lived in Cali. I remember going to three schools, Kindercare, Kirkwood Private Christian and Lewis Elementary. With all the moving, I really didn’t get that opportunity to build those early childhood friendships, but I surprisingly have a good handful of memories of friends from all three of those schools that at times I wonder, where you guys are now.

We moved to Arizona when I was in 3rd, and ended up going to Goodman from 3-5th grade. 6th grade was split between San Marcos and Stevenson. 7th Grade was split between Fremont and Queen Creek and come High School, I finally spent 4 consecutive years at one school, Hamilton High School.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing childhood and though I may have not ‘grown up’ with friends from early school years, I think I’ve gained some pretty amazing friends over the years that molded my childhood and my memories and thankfully with all the social media outlets, I think that’s how I truly made my mark in keeping touch with people, as it was truly the only way when you move so much. All the way from my Kindercare crush Jason Ishibashi (whom I have to tell you I was reunited with via my Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Trish, on Facebook), to that first kiss and boyfriend, Russell Chamness, to one of my best friend in high school Marty Weirs for driving me home everyday til I had a car, to a plethora of others I could go on and on about. For what it’s worth I thank all of you I’ve grown up and around for contributing to my life. My thought has always been… if I can’t gain anything emotionally, physically or financially then why are even associated. Sounds harsh but it’s true and I’m grateful to say those I’ve chosen to keep a part of my life growing up have done all three.

Thank you ❤


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