I’m thinking about you Dad

Got a bit of abrupt news an hour ago about my dad. My step-mom told me to pass the phone to my mom, as she was over at my place so that she could talk to her. I already knew something must be up and that wasn’t good. My stomach pretty much got knotted and my eyes teared up. My mom passed the phone back to me and my step mom tells me, “your dad has had a heart attack”. I think I pretty much crumbled. I was writing an blog entry not even 2 hrs before about my grandpa, my dad’s dad, and when I was writing it, I thought to myself I needed to call my dad and at the same time also got this nauseous feeling/emotion inside but kinda brushed it off. Don’t know if that was a weird intuition telling me something was up with my dad but it was real.

My step  mom called me back and informed me that my dad was not going to need heart surgery and that they were putting in some stents. I’m soo thankful he does not have to undergo heart surgery, but I’m scared for him non the less. I love you dad  ❤ Please let this be the one and only incident you have to go through like this …please.


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