Dear Briana,

Day 10- Letter to Someone you’ve drifted away from …whom would be my old best friend Briana….


Myself, my sister, and Briana

I still find it soo crazy how at one time you and I were  so close, then suddenly strangers to one another. You were pretty much family… we would take you on trips with us, my dad paid for our graduation trip to Florida for us to stay with my Uncle
and go to Disney-world. And my Uncles flew us to Kentucky to experience one of the most amazing New Year’s parties to date. Yet,
now, we are but strangers. I hate to point the finger, I place the blame on your ex, Donnie. I was there for you when the one ex was verbally abusive but I couldn’t stand by with the drugs. Donnie took my friend, someone whom I would consider my family away from me and since, I’ve never gotten her fully back. I know 100% the drugs are what took over both you and him and
for that I absolutely hate him for that. I hope you don’t think I turned my back on you I just couldn’t be a part of that and always gave you an outlet to escape. I thought when you stayed with my that one weekend we were doing pretty good and detoxing you but that’s when I realized you needed more help than I can offer and the next day when you were gone, I knew you were back to him.

I do hope that you grow stronger and are able to finally put him in the past. It’s been almost 5-6 years later now I
feel like I don’t even know you anymore. I will take blame as well, as I kept my distance – as I honestly had no idea what to even converse with you about. When I found out you were back home at your dads, and came to visit I was sooo excited to see you, then when we talked I felt like ‘Briana’ wasn’t who I was talking to anymore. My biggest fear is that you are not done with the drugs. I told you I was and always will be here and would never turn my back if you needed help and guidance, just hope you find help and get fully clean…sooner than later. ❤


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