Dear Ritchie aka Harrison,

So this letter is for someone who cause you a lot of pain. Though I could probably throw a couple people in this bucket, I figured this was a good match for Mr. Anderson aka Ritchie aka Harrison. Harrison is what we call an ex, and I wouldn’t say it was any kind of emotional attachment pain that came from him but more less betrayal.

At the age of 21 I meet you, Ritchie at a club called Margarita Rocks. You had about 8 years on me as far as age goes at the time and were fresh from San Diego visiting with a DJ from of mine out there. Long story short- we end up becoming friends and even closer after just 2.5-3 months and you tell me you may have to go back, because your work in Arizona was done and over with. Well me being this loving and trusting girl wasn’t going to let you go and offered you a place to stay until you got on your feet. Fast forward to 3.5 years later, you’re still living with me, we dating and you’re at one dead end job after another. Back then I had this fear of money. I knew I made enough, and I knew I could pay my bills but I had this really odd fear of banks and you used that to your advantage.

I waited forever for my tax return to come and it never did. I finally got the strength to call the bank and ask them if there could have been an issue, and a RED FLAG flew up. Come to find out, after about 10minutes on the phone, the representative told me there was a trail of withdrawals out of my account at early hours of the morning over what she only went back 4 months, of $100-200-up to 300 at a time.  Again we only went back 4 months (god knows how much it would have been if i went back further) and it added up to $4k of MY MONEY you stole. They trailed it to banks that weren’t even mine and casinos. DING! I saw the issue…you were back to an old bad habit with gambling and my account was being raped over time. At the moment I felt soo violated and betrayed. You had managed to steal my pin # and my card and take money from me, and actually pay me over time with my own money for rent. Making me think I wouldn’t be able to manage without you.

Why I didn’t press charges is beyond me. I rather cut my losses and have you gone out of my life for good. You continued to try and call me over time, promising to pay me back or start making payments. You even had the audacity to track me down at a company event in Vegas telling me you missed me and wanted me back. Rubbish and good riddance to you. I’ve never been soo hurt and had a bond of trust broken indefinitely by someone till you came along.

What’s sad- is that you have an amazing family and if I missed out on anything it was them. And for all they know I’m some evil ex-girlfriend who put you out, as I’m sure they don’t know the real story. But that day I came home and made you pack your bags and took you to the airport to make sure your ass was out of Arizona was one of the most empowering days of my life. After that experience I learned. I learned that I won’t be afraid of money, I will take control of my finances and never let a boy, because that’s exactly what you are, take advantage of my kindness for weakness.

Wherever you are now, I hope karma has chewed a big piece of your ass and you’re learning a lesson.


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