Dear Grandfather (I wish I could have met),

So apologies in advance for those following along. I didn’t realize that I had some how gotten off course with my blog entries…so here we go with trying to get back on course!

This letter is to someone I wish would I could meet, and that would be my Grandfather Leo Padilla, my dad’s father. You passed before I could meet you.

Growing up everyone told me how much my grandfather loved lil girls, as our family was male heavy and how he would have spoiled me rotten, as I was the first girl born of the Padilla family kids. I wish I could learn more about you and your story. What you remember from growing up, how you came to the states, what you remember being told of your birth, etc. Our family history I feel like is a mystery and hidden with you. You must have been an amazing man, father, husband and military man; as my dad has been absolutely one of the most upstanding men I’ve ever known, and my grandmother had nothing but positive things to say about you. I like to look at you picture and think about how your tone and voice would sound. How you would have been a grandpa that told us those silly stories and chased us calling out ‘mija’. I have one of the many porcelain German dolls you bought in Germany on your travels in the military and will cherish it for forever. I wish I would have had the opportunity to have met you, but our day will come.

Until then. love you Grandpa ❤



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