Dear Dreams,

Dear Dreams,

You are my thoughts, emotions, beauty, and success I strongly STRIVE  to achieve.  I refuse to see you as just dreams. You will be my future. You are my Bachelors degree I received for Graphic Design before the age of 21. You are my amazing positions and careers that I’ve been blessed to learn, grow and network within. You are the places I plan to visit. You are my bucketlist of things that I’m working on crossing off. You are the individuals I get to meet in my life that will impact me. You are the the man, who will come into my life, show me what unconditional love is and be the one who makes me say, “I married my best friend.” You are that moment my dad get’s to walk me down the aisle. You are my family I get to build in my years to come. To me you are my companion in life and will be with me through and through. You are what creates that fire and drive inside and makes me want to be better myself. You are my dreams, but you will be that moment that when I look back to reflect on my life, I can say I made those dreams a reality.

love, Your Ultimate Dreamer


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