Dear Mom, Dad and my second mom,

Dear Mom, Dad and my second mom –

This is probably going to be a lil hard for me to fully express how appreciative I am for all three of you.

Mom I think you question or stress so much if you are doing the right thing or that you weren’t able or aren’t able to help me as much as you can and I know you help me as much as you possibly can when you can, and for that I thank you . Thank you for being the best mom, and helping me grow into the woman I am today. Thank you for teaching me to be a lil more outspoken, god knows I’m not a vocal one and you are and it’s finally starting to rub off on me in my adult years. I hope you understand that I believe you have made a beautiful, smart  woman, that can do anything she sets her mind to, because her mom taught her to believe in herself. I want to commend you on raising me – I know I’ve probably tested your patience a time or two, but you were always there for me. Thank you for always keeping that door open for anytime I needed talk. You’re not only my mom but a best friend.

Dad you are definitely one of my biggest role models. Always wanting to give me more than you ever were given… I want you to know, that even though you couldn’t always physically be there, due to work / military obligations I have never thought you were any less active in my life. You have helped me financially, mentally and emotionally more than I can ever express thanks for. I feel blessed to have such a father like you because I know that you truly are one in a million and not everyone gets the experience that I have had. You area  big part of the reason why I am the way I am today. The best advice you ever gave me that will forever stick with me was “Look where you’re going, not where you’ve been”. At the time you meant it in a literal sense, but as I grew older those words spoke in a larger scope of my life. Thank you Dad for always being my encouragement, my strength, my white knight – I will always be your “baby”.

And to my step-mom, April, whom I would call my second mother. Where do I start to explain how blessed I am to have you in my life. You’ve been absolutely amazing. I’ve shared some of my deepest conversations and secrets with you, my emotions and tears and you’ve been nothing but supportive since day 1. I do consider my dad to be quite the catch and anyone to have him should be lucky, but just as so, he’s absolutely lucky to have an amazing wife such as you. Your patience is indescribable – and I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for you. I’ve inherited an amazing family via you. Thank you for EVERYTHING, and though that maybe a vague statement I truly mean EVERYTHING.

If it weren’t for the three of you, I wouldn’t have been molded into who I am today. I am forever grateful and blessed to able to call myself, your daughter.

Love you all,

Star aka “your baby girl”


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