Chapter 2012 | Day 7 of 366 | 15 Letters of Honesty

Already new memories are being made! It’s this comforting feeling, the idea that one can just “start over” once the clock strikes midnight regardless of the fact that nothing really changes. We make resolutions, we break them, we make promises, we forget them, it’s like a nationwide tradition and mindset that with a new year comes a new slate. Any who, 2011 was alright, but 2012 I really hope you bring it. 2011 was a damn rough and emotionally exhausting year that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong, there were many good and bad moments, highs and lows, successes and failures. But overall, you were a rough one. Which is why I will now join the nationwide bandwagon mindset of a new slate.

One of my daily resolutions I want to keep with is my 15 days of letters. Now for this challenge there is a list of people assigned to the next 15 days. Now the idea is that each day I write a letter to the person on the list. You may call it dumb or silly but these letters may actually be really difficult. For me this challenge is to come to terms with how I really feel, and conquer any inner demons that have been holding me back. The challenge in this for me may be to remain completely honest in these letters even though the idea that some of these people may actually be reading my blog and see what is written for them. Either way, this is a great challenge to learn how to be openly honest rather than conceal my emotions. For those interested in participating in this challenge, the days are:

Day 1-Your Best Friend 

Day 2-Crush or someone you’re dating 

Day 3 – Your parents

Day 4 -Your sibling 

Day 5 -Your dreams

Day 6 -A stranger

Day 7 -Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush 

Day 8 – Someone you wish you could meet 

Day 9- Someone who caused you a lot of pain 

Day 10- Someone you’ve drifted away from 

Day 11 – Someone from your childhood

Day 12 – Someone that changed your life

Day 13 – The last person you made a pinky promise to

Day 14 – The person you know that is going through the worst of times

Day 15- Your reflection in the mirror

I welcome you to share your letters each day with me, I would love to read what you have to say for the next 15 days. So please be sure to share a link to your entry or write directly on my comments area pertaining to each day.

Thank you- #Chapter2012

-star padilla


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