Chapter 2012 | Day 4 of 366 | Declutter …

I’m giving myself till the end of this month to de-clutter, but will essentially have this as an ongoing project for myself. With everything, I just need to figure out if my “stuff/things”  are essential, and have a purpose in my life, otherwise I’ll be tossing it!  Below are some places I’ve figured are a good place to start :


  1. Browser. There are soo many links I know I’ve completely forgot about and feeds I don’t even read anymore. Taking the  80/20 rule into account– You generally use 20% of your bookmarks 80% of the time.
  2. Email. Working on cleaning out my personal email box. Unsubscribing from newsletters, replying to pending emails, deleting junk that has just been sitting, get emails labeled and pull contacts that should be added to my address book. If possible going to try and sync everything between my phone to my email account. This is going to be a big feat when it’s done!
  3. Computer. Clear out documents I haven’t been using. Organize my files and folder. Declutter the items on my desktop. Defrag my computer. Empty my recycle bin. Uninstall applications I barely ever use.
  4. Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc). For Facebook, reply to pending messages. Clear my wall of spam/application messages. Remove myself from irrelevant event invites. Delete ‘friends’ who just don’t converse and block applications where I get spam messages. Basically clean up and declutter my accts.
  5. Mobile phone. Clear out unimportant messages in my inbox/sent folders. Uninstall applications I don’t use. Tidy up my bookmarks. Delete audio/image files I have any use for anymore.
  6. Room. See below.
  7. Wardrobe. Get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore. I got rid of 12 hefty bags before my move but there are more clothes I’ve come across I don’t wear or are too big for me now. Going to donate them.
  8. Other rooms in your house. Declutter my living room, kitchen, bathroom, one step at a time. Throw out the things I rarely use.

Decluttering my Physical Space

  1. Will I need it in the foreseeable future?  MI have a bad habit of holding onto stuff thinking, “I’m going to need this sometime” well chances are most of that stuff I’ve said that about, is still sitting out of site out of mind. Trashing it.
  2. Don’t keep for the sake of keeping.
    • A question to ask myself is whether I’m refusing to let go of certain things from your past. Memories from the past will always remain with us in our heart – I don’t need a pile of physical items to remind me of them.
    • I have stuff from high school, college, even grade school that I’ve held onto.I realize that while I keep saying I’ll refer to them for memory’s sake, I never do. I think I’m keeping them for the sake of keeping, which might have be/been preventing new things from entering my life. I can see this being more less emotionally liberating.
  3. Clean out the space. I’m looking forward to relishing in my new clean space and new energy I’ve created. This is the start to new things entering my life.

#Chapter2012 – Star Padilla


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