Chapter 2012 | Day 3 of 366 | My Growing Bucketlist

Started a bucket list awhile back and the site went down I had it saved on so figured I’d start a new one on here, since this isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I want to continue to grow this list, but just as I want to grow it I also want to knock some items off the list as well this year… and currently seeing that being realistic for the first time in a long time!

1)      Be Happy- in the works

2)      Go on a Road-trip – Going to Indiana and driving back at the end of the month 1/2012

3)      Go hiking

4)      Get a matching tattoo with my best friend

5)      Give people a reason to remember my name

6)      Make a quilt and/or Knit something

7)      Learn to play Poker

8)      Win some money at a Casino

9)      Have my dream body

10)   Fall in love with someone who loves me back – pretty positive this has happened

11)   Get a Disney balloon

12)   Swim with the dolphins

13)   Be in two places at the once

14)   Learn to play guitar

15)   Go on a cruise

16)   Own/Start my independent business

17)   Build

18)   Stand under a waterfall

19)   Ride in a hot air balloon

20)   Visit my birthplace Honolulu, Hawaii

21)   Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

22)   Help plan my 10 year high school reunion – meeting 1/5/12 to plan!!!

23)   Stay in a cabin in the woods

24)   Mail a secret to post-secret

25)   Marry my best-friend

26)   Stand in the 4 corners

27)   Learn to truly drive a stick shift

28)   De-clutter: get rid of 50 things I don’t need/use – work in progress

29)   Attend a Vegas show

30)   Complete a 365 photography project

31)   Fast for 3 days. Drinking water only

32)   Drive from Coast to Coast

33)   Eat a meal, I grew.

34)   Make my own beer, wine or moonshine.

35)   Choose a word/phrase and work hard to never use it again

36)   Write letters to my teachers whom all made a significant impact on my life

37)   Research my family tree

38)   Peg the speedometer

39)   Bury a time capsule

40)   Learn how to take a compliment

41)   Lose 50lbs – lost 65lbs last year! working on this one!

42)   Keep a blog for an entire year- (work in progress)- this site!

43)   Give a homeless person my lunch

44)   Attend a basketball game

45)   Visit Canada

46)   Go backpacking in Europe

47)   Have my parents there the day I get married

48)   Adopt a puppy

49)   Have a baby

50)   Stop being so afraid and start living instead- in PROGRESS!


Would love to know what’s on your bucket-list, or maybe even help contribute to my growing list!

Definitely more to come… #Chapter 2012 – Star Padilla


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