Chapter 2012 : 366 days of resolutions

The last couple years of my life have definitely had their ups and downs. On New Year’s Eve, I decided to make some changes for the better. I want to make everyday truly count by taking some sort of action or initiative (big or small/ selfless or selfish).

Why am I doing this?

1. My objective is to work on my myself actively. I want to give myself challenges that will help me grow and conquer my fears, worries, and life.

2. I want to try new things. I want to get out of the routine.

3. I also want to stop thinking about doing something and actually start doing it.

I got away from writing in my blog, WITH AMBITION , I was once soo super excited to write in daily, and think this will be a great way to contribute to it again. I would love ideas to contribute to the 365 project and maybe you can even do it with me! In co-hoots with every post I want to post a picture as well. As I think a daily picture can show how oneself changes and grows. Really looking forward to accomplishing this 365 day resolutions !



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