Zumba…bust a move!

Definitely had a GREAT workout tonight in Zumba class. Tried out a different teacher, at the Tempe location tonight with Alicia and she was soo spunky and fun. Our focus for the most part was abs, quads, and glutes; all of which were burning but felt soo good and really worked out some areas that need to feel a lil burn and stretch. The class like any, is an hour and pretty high intensity cardio, keeps your heart rate up and your body movin.

I did learn my lesson tho. I tried to bring a Powerade to class and sip off that but no more. I’ll stick to water. Chugging Powerade hurts lol NO BUENO.

Tomorrow morning going to wake up at the crack of dawn and try out a spin class at 530 at the Dobson 24 Hour Fitness. I think I’m crazy but I wanna feel out the teachers and classes and then finalize a schedule with classes to integrate in with my work out days. I think this will help even more in shedding the lbs and keeping up the momentum.


Woot! Can’t wait to tell ya about Spin Class tomorrow… hope I’m not too sore/hurting in the a.m.

w/Ambition- Star Padilla


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