Afternoon Intermission | Workout

Went and worked out about 215pm today.

Started w/ 30min of cardio… I couldn’t stop. I was on a good ring of music and as long as the beat was going I was gonna continue to rock it out on the elliptical lol.

Followed my cardio with 45min of strength circuit training. I did the full circuit and bumped the weight up a lil more and did my reps till I failed. My body feels  a lil bruised but I feel good.

I think one of my fave points of working out is when I look down at my arms and their glowing. YES, I’m sweating but they turn color swear from all the blood rushing and they just glow. Any who nothing too crazy exciting happened today. Just worked and had my afternoon workout. I’ll be packing the rest of my stuff this evening and probably tomorrow morning for my move on Sunday. YAY~ back to being closer to my friends !


-w/Ambition – Star Padilla


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