Up at the Crack of Dawn

Guess who was up at 430 this morning? This girl! I tried to go back to bed for a lil but continued to toss and turn and decided to get my ass out of bed and start my a.m. workout early at 24 Hour Fitness.

Gym Start time: 520am

Gym End Time: 630am

I pretty much follow a similar regiment everyday and try to switch up  the weights so my body isn’t accustomed to the EXACT thing every day.

Things to bring to the gym: Bottle of water, hand towel, and iPod

Todays workout:

15-20min of intense cardio on the elliptical to start w/ high resistance.

4 x 20 on Circuit training | there’s about 12 pieces in the circuit and then I use the ab crunch machine and triceps-dip machine

Ended with 10 min cool down on the Elliptical| again kept the resistance high and for the last 3 minutes drop the resistance a lil and pumped it out. I went through a  second bottle of water at the gym, and sweated my tush off!

Now that I’m home I’m going to have about 8oz of Chobani Plain greek yogurt w/ a bottle of water, 1 womans multi vitamin, a folic acid pill and get started on my work and try and get back to the gym for an afternoon workout.

w/Ambition – Star Padilla


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