Tip #1 | Curb Your Appetite

Here are a few strategies I try and utilize when I’m tempted and need to curb my appetite 

  • Eat every three to four hours | Your blood sugar won’t have a chance to drop so low that have the temptation to binge. These should be small bites/meals.
  • Stay Hydrated | Drinking more water is essential! Most of the time when you think you’re hungry, you’re really not. Try and stick to drinking 8 x 8oz glasses of water a day. It’s proven that you will eat nearly 200 fewer calories when you do.
  • Exercise  |  Now this may not work for everyone but personally when I’m hungry I try and exercise. I go early in the morning before I decide to eat breakfast and again in the afternoon before lunch. I’ve distracted my body and generally after a workout I’m not that hungry at all, so I will definitely eat less.
  • Reality Check | What are you going to accomplish by cheating and grabbing that bag of chips or sweets? You should have removed the temptation already but, just keep in mind you’ve been working so hard on your goal(s), why ruin it now with crappy food?
  • Brush your teeth | Getting minty and gargling with a lil mouthwash generally messes with my head and makes me not want to mess that fresh breath up. Also, nothing every tastes good after brushing my teeth.
  • Get Sleep |  Research has suggested a link between not getting enough sleep and being overweight. Good shut-eye helps prevent the disruption of some of the hormones that control appetite.
What are some ways you curb your appetite?

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