Better late than never…

I finally decided to start a blog about my fitness journey. I’m 3 weeks in and though ideally it would have been smart to start from the beginning, it’s better late than never, right? Same thought on weightloss. Everyone seems to think when you get older you just get fat or heavy and that is just not the case. You LET yourself get that way, you can change that at anytime just takes ambition, dedication and persistence. Better late than never!

I was told it takes 21 days to make a habit. Well, I’m 25 days in and of those 25 days I’ve only given myself 4 days off from working out. Looks like I created a habit! I’d like to think I’m made a new obsession, but healthy one at that. I’m really excited where this going and the goals I’ve set for myself.


25 days in| 13 lbs in weight-loss |  1 pant size down

I’m weighing myself with the Weight Watchers scale |Monitors body fat, body water, bone mass and bmi

Now if I can just keep up this momentum I could be at my goal in no time. I’m being realistic though, 13 lbs in 3 wks is pretty damn good. So I’m not going to expect that to be a regular occurrence every 25 days, but it would definitely be nice.

Now I know people say, don’t focus on the number but how things fit; for me personally, and I must stress that…I have an ‘ULTIMATE’ goal in my head and a ‘SHORT-TERM’ goal as well. And I know health wise I WANT to get my self to a particular bracket of weight. Not quite ready to share the intimate #’s w/ everyone just yet…but I’ll share my emotional journey, workouts, and meals with you all along the way.


w/Ambition – Star Padilla


4 thoughts on “Better late than never…

    1. Awe that’s awesome…Thank you Andrea! I’ve got a long journey ahead but definitely going to bust my butt to get to the destination.
      I’ll have to check out your blog as well!

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